• Creative Journey


    The creative journey of Jib Crew is exciting, challenging, and constantly evolving, as new technologies emerge and new ways of using the equipment are developed.

  • Best Equipments


    The best equipment for your project depends on the specific requirements and needs of the project. Jib Crew will be ready to inform the choice of equipment should be based on every factors such as the type of shoot, the location, the number of cameras, and the budget.

  • Professional Choice


    Jib Crew is a professional team using the best equipment by experienced operators that will provide high quality results and add value to your project.


    Jimmy Jib can be used in a variety of settings and environments, from indoor studio shoots to outdoor locations, and for a variety of production types, such as live events, commercials, and films

    Quality of shots

    Smooth and steady shots the Jimmy Jib can provide, which will enhance the overall quality and professional look of a production.

    Professional results

    Jimmy Jib is a professional tool used by experienced operators and production teams, which will ensure high-quality results and set a production apart.


    Jimmy Jib can save production costs in the long run, by providing more options and better quality shots, compared to other stabilizing systems

    Clients Testimonial

    Here are some customer testimonials about Jib Crew

    The Jib Crew was the perfect partner for our latest film shoot. Their expertise with the Jimmy Jib camera crane allowed us to capture stunning shots that elevated our film to a whole new level. The team was also incredibly professional, friendly, and efficient, making the shoot run smoothly from start to finish.



    Working with the Jib Crew was a fantastic experience. Their knowledge and skill with the Jimmy Jib camera crane was evident in every shot they captured. They were also great to work with, bringing a positive and professional attitude to our set. We would definitely recommend the Jib Crew to any production looking for top-notch crane services.



    Our live event coverage was elevated to a new level thanks to the Jib Crew and their Jimmy Jib camera crane. The team was able to capture breathtaking aerial shots that truly wowed our audience. They were also very flexible and adaptable, able to work in a fast-paced environment and get the shots we needed. We can't recommend the Jib Crew enough.


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    The Jib Crew brought a level of professionalism and expertise to our production that was unmatched. Their use of the Jimmy Jib camera crane allowed us to capture shots that we never thought were possible, and their friendly and helpful nature made the shoot run smoothly from start to finish. We would definitely work with the Jib Crew again in the future.