About Us

Cem Topal is a multi-skilled camera operator specialising in the Jimmy Jib whilst also owning a jib & camera rental company. Starting in Turkey in the year 2000 he has gained vast experience working on live TV, films, Music Videos, & Festivals to name a few. In 2018 he relocated himself & his company JIBCREW to the UK where he was able to carry on his work at a greater quantity in a short amount of time.

Our aim is to assist the director, image director & brand teams in bringing their ideas to life as well as providing our own should it be required. We take into account the main goals of our clients and finding the ideal conditions to provide the best service possible.

Our strategy is to increase the energy brought into the first day further by combining our knowledge & experience whilst working with experts in our respective fields.

With our services we have developed a habit of observing the world, setting trends and following the next whilst keeping the perspective of our clients with us. At our company we always have this thought process: We should raise every project above expectations with permanent communication